Thursday, September 16, 2004

We Have a Deal

It seems that our leaders do have the ability to compromise. The 4 premier negotiating team has reached a deal with the Prime Minister. All parties are hailing the summit as a success and the Prime Minister has taken credit for saving health care for a generation.

The past four days have been an incredibly difficult and divisive time for our nation. However, they have yielded a deal which should be able to save health care for our children. This deal is our last best hope. 3.5 billion over two years, 6% per year increase, 4.5 billion over six years to reduce wait lists.

Given this deal, the goal now must be to make sure that we do not allow our politicians to create two tiered health care and hand our nation over to pharmaceuticals and American style HMOs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoop dee. Ralph has a better idea and Alberta will have the best health care in the country within a decade.

3:05 p.m.  
Blogger Marina974 said...

Thank god. Now the time is to put the new money to work and fix this. No more of people dying in waiting rooms.

5:08 p.m.  

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