Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Arafat on his deathbed?

Yasser Arafat's, the leader of the Palestinian cause since 1965, health has continued to deteriorate and today the entirety of the Palestinian leadership -- as well as Arafat's family -- was summoned to his bedside. Rumours are swirling that Chairman Arafat may be near death.

His wife and daughter is en route from France where they have been living. Doctor's from Egypt and Tunisia have also rushed to Ramallah along with the Chairman's personal doctor. There have been rmours over the years that Arafat has parkinson's or stomach cancer. Doctor's today said that stomach cancer has been ruled out.

Chairman Arafat has survived repeated atempts on his life over the last forty years. For the last two and a half years the Israeli army has kept him confined in his Ramallah compound. This week they announced that Arafat would be allowed to leave his compound for medical care.

Several knowledgeable sources have also suggested that a three person ruling council has been set up to replace Mr. Arafat for the duration of his illness -- or in case of his death. PLO representatives have denied this rumour, but should Chairman Arafat die without a successor a Civil War would appear likely.

Chairman Arafat is seventy-five years old. He became Chairman of the PLO in 1969 and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994.


Blogger Hobbesian said...

The man is a terrorist. Maybe after he dies we can have peace in the middle east.

3:47 p.m.  
Blogger Marina974 said...

Or maybe there will be a civil war. Beyond that, I don't think wishing death upon someone is a kind thing to do -- no matter what the reason.

4:41 p.m.  
Blogger Brian said...

"The death of any man diminishes me for I am part of mankind" John Donne. The death of Arafat would increase me for the sake of the many innocents who will not be killed at his command.

4:58 p.m.  

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