Tuesday, November 16, 2004

No Tax Cuts

Despite posting a massive surplus, the Liberals have decided that they will not offer the citizens who elected them a tax cut. Today, Finance Minister Ralph Goodale announced the federal surplus will exceed $8.9 Billion. Instead of tax cuts, the Liberals intend to increase social spending. The government plans to strengthen health care, protect the environment, aid Natives, shore-up child care and increase military spending. Is the opposition happy about the surplus? Of course not...

"What's wrong is giving money back to corporations when it should be given back to the worker who is paid that money," Mr. Harper said during Question Period on Tuesday.

"Will the Prime Minister give a tax cut to Canadian families, yes or no?," Mr. Harper asked.
Of course, it was the Conservative's mess that the Liberals have been cleaning up for the last decade. Prime Minister Mulroney created huge deficits and he did not chose to raise taxes in order to cover the deficit. Why then should we lower taxes after posting a surplus? Further, because of the right-wingers, the Liberals were unable to raise taxes in order to eliminate the deficit. Instead, Mr. Martin and his predecessor were forced to cut social spending.

Social spending as a percentage of GDP has gone down considerably over the last decade and rather than rectify that the Conservatives would see us ignore it focus on tax cuts. Such irresponsible fiscal policy is exactly what led the last Conservative government into debt, and what has pushed the Conservativess heroes -- the American Republican Party -- to post the biggest defecits in the history of their nation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stupid hippies taking my money and giving it to natives and single moms? God I can't wait until this sponsorship scandal really blows up in their faces.

4:56 p.m.  
Blogger Nylon said...

Good, I don't need a tax cut. What I need is to be confident that the environment won't be ruined for my children. And that they will have health care, and child care and more. I don't need a tax cut and it would help me more than most citizens. There are others in this country who need help far more than me, and this will help them more than a tax cut. Stop being selfish Canada, this is a good thing.

5:02 p.m.  
Blogger Hobbesian said...

Greedy government. Why do we need to give money to mothers who were dumb enough to have kids before they can afford them? Why do we need to give natives even more money?

9:53 p.m.  

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