Sunday, December 05, 2004

Back From Vacation, Roundup

Time out of town was nice, but I wish I'd been around for the protest in Ottawa. It's about time the citizens of this country stood up to the pathetic administration in the US. Here's a roundup of some of the more important news from while I was gone:

Bush's Visit
link -- Article on the media's coverage of the visit
link -- Ridiculous Post article suggesting the visit was a good sign for Canada.
link -- Ottawa Citizen article which puts the price tag of security for Bush at $2 Million.

Ukranian Election
link -- Ukraine Voted to withdraw its troops from Iraq.
link -- The Ukranian Supreme Court officially invalidated the results of the disputed election.
link -- The EU has called for a new run-off election in the Ukraine.

NHL Strike
link -- There is going to be one last ditch effort to save the NHL season this thursday as the player's association has agreed to return to the bargaining table.


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