Monday, December 06, 2004

Fifteenth Anniversary of Polytechnic Massacre

Today marks the fifteen anniversary of the Montreal shooting massacre. Maybe the time has come for some effective gun control?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

uuuhhhh. Ok, I am going to use some restraint and assume that you aren't stupid: rather just ignorant or misinformed. We have all kinds of gun control. Are you aware how many gun control laws are out there? No. You are assuming that since tragedies are "allowed" to take place, that no system is in line to control the "problem". How about instead of making more redicolous gun control laws, we instead ENFORE THE HUNDREDS ALREADY IN PLACE. More police and harsher penalties for crimes related to firearms. You know the little shooting that happened in Wisconsin that killed 6 or so hunters? If that guy's stupid ass wife had pressed charges against him like she should have(when he abused and threatened her), then that asshole would have had his firearms taken away. That's the solution. Take away the guns from the insane and irresponsible and leave the rest of the gun-owning people alone.

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