Friday, January 21, 2005

Black Thursday Roundup

Yesterday was a sad day for humanity. Bush and his cronies spent $40 Million celebrating his victory and another four years of his glorious rule. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Tsunami victims are homeless, the Iraq War is going worse than ever, the deficit is still out of control and the greenback has hit a new all time low. FDR cancelled his festivities in '44, why is Bush celebrating this debacle?

The latest jibjab video is out, and needless to say it's hilarious. A fitting jab at Bush, and a great day to release it. link

Bush's speech was all about exporting 'freedom' to the entire world. It went so well in Iraq, why stop now right?

Bush's speech also included a ridiculous number of hidden biblical messages. I'm surprised he wasn't thumping his bible while delivering it.

Despite the fact that the mainstream press all but ignored it, there was a large protest in DC yesterday. Maybe there is some hope after all.


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