Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Gomery Update

Last night saw a flurry of activity with the Gomer Inquiry. Former Prime Minister Chretien filed a motion to have Mr Gomery recuse himself from the trial, citing 'biased' comments made by the veteran judge. In response, opposition leader Stephen Harper implied Prime Minister Martin was behind the moved and warned Mr. Martin not to interfere in the case. Mr. Martin then replied by saying he could not comment on his predessesor's legal challenge.

For once in his political career, it appears as though Mr. Harper is acting in a reasonable fashion. The Canadian public has lost an incredible amount of faith in their politicians. Not only the Liberals -- although they are the cause of it -- but politicians from all parties and all walks of life. Judy Sgro's strippergate and pizzagate, the sponsorship scandal and now the gay marriage farce have all damaged the long held view of our politicians being above the fray.

If they are to ever win back our trust and our faith, they must not be allowed to sweep past transgressions under the table. Rather, they must come forth in all honesty and admit their faults and promise to do better in the future. Jean Chretien was a phenomenal Prime Minister, regardless of his role in the Sponsorship Scandal. He kept this country out of Iraq, defeated the seperatists, defeated right-wing extremists, presided over a strong economy, and built a solid global image for our nation. Even heroes must be allowed some flaws, and if Mr. Chretien's government squandered $200 Million I can forgive him for it -- and I am sure the rest of the Canadian public can as well. What we cannot, and will not, forgive if an aura deceit and obfuscation from our leaders.


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