Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Harper Claims He is Tolerant

Apparently Stephen Harper thinks Canadians are stupid. Shortly after beginning an ad campaign attacking the Liberals for supporting gay marriage, the Conservative leader is claiming he is Canada's most tolerant leader on gay rights. In an interview with the National Post, Harper also dismissed concerns from anti-racism groups and those within his own party whom are concerned the move could alienate voters.

Mr. Harper claims he is the only political leader taking into consideration how other minority groups feel about gay marriage. Such a pathetic attempt to gain the moral high ground cannot be tolerated by the Canadian government, nor by the media and the people. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is quite clear on this matter. That document is the basis of our nation, not the bible, not the torrah, not the koran. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Former leadership candidates Peter McKay and Belinda Stronach have spoken openly against the ads, claiming they would not have run them. However, Mr. Harper and his supporters claim that the move is a win-win situation which divides the Liberal caucus. Harper's detractors within the party are concerned the Conservatives may see a repeat of the '04 election flop. On the cusp of victory, the party crumbled in the face of Liberal ads which painted them as extremist. Given that the courts of the nation have already ruled on the matter, the party certainly seems vulnerable to such criticism.

It is time to call the Conservatives what they are: liars, extremists, homophobes, Republicans.


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