Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Liberal Dissidents

Next week's vote on the gay marriage issue will be an open vote, only cabinet ministers will be required to tow the party line. Today, Liberal dissidents launched a last ditch effort to ensure gays are deprieved of the civil liberties. They held a closed door meeting with the Liberal caucus, desperately trying to convince their colleagues to join with them in their homophobic protest vote.

Ontario MP Paul Steckle even had the audacity to claim that the bill would be defeated if Cabinet members were not required to vote with the party. A gay rights website which has been following the vote claims that there are currently 153 in favour of the bill, 134 against and 20 undecided.

The people need to speak out, to let the Liberals know we will not tolerate hate, racism, homophobia, intolerance, un-justified war or the militarization of space. Go to the Liberal convention in March and reclaim our party.


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