Monday, January 24, 2005

Martin Willing to Go to the Polls Over Gay Marriage

Paul Martin is going to stand up for fairness, for equality, for dignity and for human rights. Speaking during his Asian Economic tour, Prime Minister Martin stated his willingness to call a new election and let the people decide whether or not Canada should legalize gay marriage.

"If you're are asking me am I ready to go into an election to uphold the Charter of Rights against those who would attack it? The answer is certainly yes," Martin said Friday.
In recent weeks, Opposition leader Stephen Harper has been on a religious crusade, airing commercials and speaking out against gay marriage. Harper has purposefully ignored the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Supreme Court rulings and the fact that half the provinces have already legalized gay marriage. Instead, he speaks of family values, tradition and the erosion of decency. Despite this thinly veiled rhetoric, the simple fact of the matter is that all the obfuscation in the world Mr. Harper cannot hide the fact that he is arguing against the enforcement of Canadian law.

This is not Texas, nor is it Kansas, Kentucky or any other bible belt state. Nor are we a fundamentalist nation of zealots. Canada is a socially progressive nation, a fact its citizens are proud of. Mr. Harper is trying to change that, trying to ally our great nation with the American south. Trying to replace the Charter of Rights and Freedoms with the Book of Leviticus.

He must be stopped and, for once, Mr. Martin is on the right side of a critical battle.


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