Monday, January 10, 2005

Missile Defense Nonsense

Outgoing US Ambassador Paul Celluci has re-opened the BMD can of worms. Today's Star contains an inflammatory post from the lame duck Ambassador:

Cellucci, who is scheduled to leave his post this spring, said he expects the issue will be resolved before he returns to the United States.

"We've been told that it will be dealt with over the next couple of months," he said during a brief conversation.

Asked if, based on his discussions, he anticipates that Canada will take part in the controversial missile shield, Cellucci replied: "Yes."

The simple fact of the matter is that Canadians want no part of this program. Beyond the fact that it simply does not work -- not even with tests rigged for success -- it will inevitably lead to the militarization of space. The fact that bush and his corporate cronies are interested in this preposterous idea should not in any way influence our decision on whether or not to join in the plan.

The time has come for Canadians to speak out against any joint effort in BMD. Write you MP, the PM, the editor of your local paper. Write whomever you can, we must stop the Liberals from joining in this farce of a plan.


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