Friday, January 21, 2005

Obama '08?

A little bright spot after the doom and gloom recap of Bush's inauguration. Yesterday, Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune wrote an article explaining why he believes rising star Barrack Obama will run for President in 2008.

Barrack Obama is the rising star of the Democratic Party, if not US Politics as a whole. A child of mixed heritage, Obama was educated in Indonesia, Hawaii and at Columbia and Harvard. He delivered one of the most rousing speeches in recent memory at the Democratic Convention this past summer and won his US Senate race by nearly sixty points.

The United States is current mired in one of the worst Presidencies in the history of the country. The Democratic Party has consistently suffered electoral failures for nearly a decade. The time has come for a change. The time has come for new blood. The time has come for Barrack Obama.


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