Friday, January 28, 2005

Same Sex Marriage Will Pass

Prime Minister Paul Martin is certain his same sex marriage bill will pass, and dissidents within his own party seem to share the belief.

"I am very confident we will win that vote," Martin said at the end of a three-day caucus retreat in Fredericton — a meeting at which the same-sex marriage controversy was a simmering issue under all the displays of upbeat Liberal unity.

Opponents of same-sex marriage within the Liberal caucus are also quietly acknowledging they are resigned to almost inevitable success of the bill to recognize gay and lesbian marriage.
Liberal MP Paul Steckle, one of the dissidents' leaders, acknowledged that the battle was lost, but vowed to continue to fight.

Martin is able to pass the bill in spite of his own dissidents because of aid from the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois. While the Conservatives are almost unanimously against same sex marriage, the NDP and Bloc easily make up the difference.

Canada will soon join the legion of nations who have acknowledged civil rights for all -- not just a select group. We will join Denmark, Germany, Holland, and Sweden. We will become members of a community of nations who believe is fairness, equality and justice. We will be civilized. We will be at the forefront of the next great civil rights battle. We will be a beacon of light for our brethren to the South, lost in a sea of despair.


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