Friday, January 14, 2005

Sgro to Resign

Immigration Minister Judy Sgro has finally decided to resign. This week, following in the aftermath of strippergate and accusations that a staffer was connected to terrorism, Mrs. Sgro was accused of offering citizenship in exchange for help with her re-election campaign in June. The Liberal Party first became aware of the accusations last year, but dismissed them after Sgro's aides swore they were running a clean campaign.

Mrs. Sgro will be replaced by Eglinton-Lawrence MP Joe Volpe, a famed backroom power-broker. Lucienne Robiliard will take over Volpe's portfolio as Minister of Human Resources.

Sgro's latest troubles stem from a Toronto Star report which indicates she offered citizenship to a pizza store owner in return for his aid in her campaign -- namely free food and drinks for her campaign staff. Mrs. Sgro had already been under fire for starting an immigration program which fast tracked applications from strippers. The program has since been cancelled.

While Sgro has yet to be proven guilty, one certain fact is that she has dealt yet another black eye to her party. Prime Minister Martin assumed control of the Liberal Party promising to clean up their public image, but in the past year we have seen nothing of the sort. Accusations that Cabinet Ministers were members of the mob, Strippergate, the Gomery inquiry and more. The Liberal Party is reeling, god help us all if they should fall and the Conservatives are left to pick up the pieces.


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