Thursday, January 27, 2005

Surgery Shutdown Feb. 11

Ontario's anesthesiologists will be walking off the job February 11th, according to a report published in The Star this morning.

The doctors are protesting the government's program for shortening wait lists and the snail-like pace in contract negotiations with the government. The walk out will require the cancellation of all elective surgeries at the seventeen targeted hospitals on the 11th.

The 'reason' for the walkout is to allow the doctors to participate in a day long contract negotiations meeting in Toronto.

"This isn't a job action," Dr. Geraint Lewis, chair of the anesthesiologists section of the OMA, said yesterday. "This is a business meeting to discuss business issues."
However, the Star uncovered an email which suggests the complete opposite.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of surgeries across the province will have to be cancelled if the walkout goes through.


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