Sunday, February 27, 2005

BC Election

When the party in power starts campaigning, the time has come to start talking about a forthcoming election. This weekend, Gordon Campbell's BC Liberals came out swinging so now it's time to start talking.

It's tradition in BC to start spending money in the weeks before elections. Forty years ago, the government built roads all over the interior, today they build schools in Surrey. Yesterday, Surrey-Cloverdale MLA Kevin Falcon announced the construction of a new $6.1M elementary school which will be able to hold 330 students and opens in September 2006.

Premier Gordon Campbell also launched a pre-emptive attack on the NDP. The right-wing Liberal leader went on a tirade about his opposition's tax policy:

"They don't talk about it before elections but after the elections they add taxes and more taxes and more taxes," said Mr. Campbell.

"If it works, they say regulate it. If regulations don't work, tax it. If it's dead, subsidize it. That's NDP economic policy," Mr. Campbell said.
Yesterday, Mr. Campbell took the stage at the meeting of BC Liberal Executives to chant of BC's back and exclaimed that the Liberals would win because they have turned the economy around.

Expect a lot more news about this race ahead of the May 17th election. In the mean time, keep an eye on a couple of good sites from BC: Rush the Vote and Election Prediction's BC page. Also take a look at the STV issue, perhaps the most important part of this election. I'm a huge proponent of it as are most left wing activists. There are several great sites on the matter, but this is my favourite.


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Nice to hear it. Perhaps you could support the bountiful Ms. James to similiarly come out in favor of STV.

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