Friday, February 18, 2005

Conservatives' Gay Mantra

Liberal-minded Canadians have wondered for years just how crazy Stephen Harper is. This week, he answered that question -- he's absolutely batshit.

With his recent speech in parliament on gay marriage, Mr. Harper has identified himself not only as a dangerous fanatic, but also as someone so desperate for an advantage that he's willing to say and do anything.

The Conservative leader delivered a fifty minute speech during the second reading of the Liberals' same sex marriage act. Harper has consistently claimed that he is the only tolerant leader on the gay marriage issue. And he set out to prove it:

"Let us not forget it was the Liberal party that said none is too many when it came to Jews fleeing from Hitler. It was the Liberal party that interned Japanese Canadians in camps on Canada's West Coast, an act Pierre Trudeau refused to apologize or make restitution for, leaving it to Brian Mulroney to see justice done."
Harper's logic is perfect; the Liberals used to be racist, therefore they are being prejudiced today! That makes sense right? Or maybe he means something else...

Prime Minister MacKenzie King's actions during World War II were deplorable, but Harper is horribly misinterpreting the importance of those actions. The Liberals made a terrible mistake half a century ago, but rather than try to learn from it, the opposition seems determined to use that as an excuse to repeat the mistake.

Half a century ago, the Liberals restricted human rights, treated a certain social group as sub-human and were proud in doing so. That era became the shame of the party, a black eye which we are stuck with sixty years later. The Conservatives seem determined to repeat the mistake, and with Stephen Harper at the helm they are leading the charge of hatred and bigotry.

Now, the have found their battle cry, a phrase that should be repeated far and wide, across the country for all to hear: The Liberals used to be prejudiced, therefore we are allowed to be prejudiced today!


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