Friday, February 25, 2005

Dithers Fires Back

Paul Martin is so desperate to escape his new pseudonym that he's willing to risk our relationship with the US to do so. Today, Martin responded to suggestions that Canada would lose control over its airspace in the event of an incoming missile, and he did so with conviction:

"This is our airspace, we're a sovereign nation and you don't intrude on a sovereign nation's airspace without seeking permission."
Conservatives and American officials foud the Prime Minister's suggestion laughable. Foreign Affairs critic Stockwell Day openly mocked Martin's claim, wondering if the Prime Minister thought the Americans would dial a 1-800 number in the midst of a national emergency.

As usual, NDP leader Jack Layton did his best to tone down right wing rhetoric and bring the debate back to reality.

"These are the kind of hypothetical questions that (George) Bush has tried to create in the minds of people to elevate a sense of fear.

"The fact is that if Canada is a part of a program like this, then we become a target."
Why is it that the Liberals can't bring themselves to say that? Why is it that they completely ignore facts and bring up the talking points of right wing fanatics?

Canada is not in any danger of a missile attack, and it is our duty as a sovereign nation to voice our displeasure with the foreign policy of the Bush administration. They have violated countless treaties, engaged in unjustified wars and attempted to overthrow democratically elected governments. Now Stephen Harper and the so-called Liberal media want us to endorse that behaviour by legitimizing the latest in their long string of follies?


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