Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Frost Drops Out

Reports indicate that former Texas Congressman Martin Frost has dropped out of the race for DNC Chair. If true, this would all but seal the deal for internet favourite Howard Dean.

Frost's decision came after the AFL-CIO decided against endorsing him in the race. The support of the nation's largest union was, essentially, Frost's last hope and squeaking out a victory.

Dr. Dean, the insurgent candidate for President last fall, was already well ahead in the race, but Frost had hoped that an 'anti-Dean' movement would coalesce around him. Celebrations have already started at major and minor internet blogs alike, most notably DailyKos, where Dean has a particularly strong following. The only other candidates who remain in the race are New Democratic Network founder Simon Rosenberg and party insider Donnie Fowler.

The vote for chair takes place February 12th.


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