Monday, February 21, 2005

Fun with Polls

Ipsos-Reid and the Globe and Mail have released a new poll, one with dizzying contradictions and no clear indication of the country's direction. The poll was conducted on February 15th and 17th in anticipation of the Federal Budget and is accurate to within 2.2 percentage points. But it doesn't make a whole lot of sense...

Eighteen percent more Canadians think the Liberals deserve to be re-elected (47%) than did so last year, but the same number actually plan to vote for them (37%). The Liberals have almost returned to their previous levels of support in Atlantic Canada in the aftermath of the Offshore Energy deal, pulling in 48% support compared to 33% for the Conservatives.

In Ontario, the Liberals have the support of 43 per cent of the population and the Conservatives 28. In Quebec, the population seems to be ignoring Gilles Duceppe's excellent work and the Gomery Inquiry, as the Bloc's support has dropped from almost 50% on election day to 39% today, while Liberal support has remained relatively steady at 34%.

Of course, the confusion doesn't stop there. 56% of Canadians think Mr. Martin is a good leader, but 39 per cent say their opinion of the Prime Minister has worsened since he was elected.

So, another week, another poll and more confusion. Overall, the consensus of the last three polls seems to be fairly steady: Canada doesn't like Martin so much, but they like Stephen Harper and the Conservatives even less.


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