Monday, February 28, 2005

Gay Marriage Debate

A week or so ago me and Andrew from Bound by Gravity and me had a little exchange on gay marriage. We exchanged a few comments followed by emails. At that point, we could have gone the usual blogosphere route and just flamed eachother on our respective blogs. Instead, we decided to do something more intelligent and mature.

The gay marriage debate has been pretty inflammatory thus far. It has consisted or a large number of blog entries which almost universally ignore the points raised by the opposing side. In an effort to change that, Andrew and I agreed to conduct a debate on our respective blogs. I'll post here, he will reply on his blog and visa versa. We're going to get this started pretty soon, so keep your eyes open for what will hopefully be an intelligent debate on the matter.

In an effort to facilitate a better conversation on the matter, I'm going to try to turn comments back on. I've had them disabled for ages because of a bug with blogspot. In the past, when people comment the majority of my template is deleted and the page doesn't work. I've talked to blogspot about it a few times and the recently suggested that their new comment system would fix the problem. I'm willing to give it a test, so in that spirit I'm going to turn comments back on tomorrow at some point. I've backed up the template, so if anything does go wrong I'll be able to fix it quickly.


Anonymous Marina said...

Good to see you're turning comments back on, it will help you get more traffic.

Looking forward to the debate on gay marriage.

2:24 a.m.  
Blogger Andrew said...

Comments work so far - which is great.

Frequency-wise I'll be aiming at posting 1-3 days after your posts (depending on my workload at the office).

6:54 a.m.  

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