Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Gomery Updates

Unfortunately, I'm incredibly busy right now and haven't been able to pay nearly enough attention to the blog, especially when so much great stuff is going on in Canadian politics. Since I don't have time to post anything thoughtful right now, I'm going to link some of the better blogs rather than post something half assed.

CalgaryGrit has by far the best analysis of Chretien's testimony at the Gomery Pyle Commission. Brilliant.

TDH has a good post with pictures.

Not surprisingly, right wing blogs like Brock on the Attack didn't post anything about Chretien's powerful testimony.

On a sad note, the countdown to the end of the NHL season can officially begin. The players rejected another offer today, and a drop dead date has been set for the end of the weekend.

Hopefully things will quiet down for me soon.


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