Saturday, February 05, 2005

Last Man Standing

While the official vote is still a week away, there won't be any other candidates -- Howard Dean is the new DNC Chairman. Several days ago, Martin Frost dropped out. The following day, Simon Rosenberg threw in the towel. Today, Donnie Fowler, Dean's last foe, officially withdrew from the contest.

"Today it became clear that Howard Dean has the votes to become DNC chairman.

I got in the race because I wanted to see change in the Democratic Party. I know from experience that local people know better and that strong state parties and successful elected officials should teach the rest of the Party their best lessons. I want to see the DNC get back to its real mission: to help each candidate and assist state and county parties to achieve new standards or performance.

With Howard Dean as its next chair of the DNC, the Party will have someone who not only understands change, but knows how to make it happen."
Finally the party can undergo some changes. Finally it will be led by a reform Democrat. Finally they will join the 21st century.


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