Thursday, February 17, 2005

McGuinty Continues the Attack

Back from my self imposed exile over the hockey lockout. Well, more accurately I've sobered up enough to post, and the news didn't stop during my exile.

Premier McGuinty came out on the attack about the inequity in the equalization program again yesterday. This time, he included a few not so subtle jabs at Newfoundland and Premier Danny Williams.

"We will not lower the Canadian flag. We will not stamp our feet and hold our breath. We will do this in the Ontario way," McGuinty said on his way into a Liberal cabinet meeting.

"I'm not going to go away on this."
The simple fact is that Premier McGuinty has a point. Canada has climbed out of a fiscal catastrophe on Ontario's back, they've built a strong economy on our back and now we need a chiropractor. Ontario is running a huge deficit, largely because of the inept Conservative government, and we need help. We helped Ottawa, now it's their turn to help us. Or at least treat us fairly.

Quebec is given $3,800 for each immigrant who comes to the province. Ontario gets $800. That sound fair?

Even Joe Volpe (MP, MP and a nice guy) admits that's ridiculous:

"Well, nobody wants to justify disparities like that," Volpe told CBC Radio.
There are countless other examples of inequities in the system, this is just the most obvious, and the time has come to fix them. If Paul Martin is going to give special treatment to Newfoundland he had better do the same for us or he will feel it at the polls.


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