Monday, February 21, 2005

More SSM Debate

Conservative MP Jason Kenney went on CTV's Question Period last night and suggested gay people should not be allowed to get married because they couldn't have children.

"I think most Canadians recognize that there's something about the complementarity of the sexes, a man and a woman together which creates a setting for, an ideal setting for the regeneration of society, and there's a social interest in that"
Thankfully, NDP MP Bill Saskay, who's openly gay, was also on the show and pointed out the obvious flaw in Kenney's argument.

"I hope that Mr. Kenney isn't suggesting that people who choose not to procreate, or who can't procreate, have any less than a valid marriage than other Canadians"
The Conservatives are desperate for a winning angle on this debate. They have tried religious grounds, protecting the rights of other minorities and now they are suggesting that procreation is the basis for marriage. And still opposition to SSM is polling below 50% and the public views the issue as unimportant. One can only wonder what they will come up with next...


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