Wednesday, February 02, 2005

No Referendum on SSM

Justice Minister Irwin Colter has said that there will be no referendum on same sex marriage. His pledge comes the same day as a new National Post/Global poll revealed that the majority of Canadians are in favour of a referendum.

The famed right wing newspaper's poll showed that 66% of the public was against gay marriage, and more than two thirds would rather see a plebiscite decide the matter. Colter was quick to reply, saying that if it had come to a referendum to decide whether or not the franchise should be extended to women, they likely would have lost.

There are times when our political leaders must be 'ahead' of the public. If we were to rely solely on opinion polls women never would have been granted the vote, civil rights never would have been granted to blacks, and natives would still be persecuted across the country. This may seem like a contentious issue today, but a century from now our grandchildren will wonder why it took us so long to do the right thing. This is a matter of human rights, of equality, of political correctness, of freedom, of justice, of peace, of conscience.

This is a matter for elected leaders knowledgeable about the law and the constitution to handle -- not uneducated, hate-filled religious zealots.


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