Friday, February 11, 2005

Same Old Boring Mistakes

Martin's testimony before the Gomery Pyle Commission was predictably lame, falling under the "I Didn't Do It" banner. Still, some of his ridiculous lines about the role of the Minister of Finance should provide great fodder for the opposition during our next election.

The simple fact of the matter is that Paul Martin has woefully misunderstood this scandal. The problem is that he is trying disassociate himself from the scandal, all the while neglecting the fact that the entire Liberal Party is embroiled in it. As long as the Prime Minister persists in this strategy the opposition and the so-called liberal media will continue to hammer away at the very principles of the program.

Jean Chretien has the right attitude and the right defense - admit mistakes, but defend the ideology of the program. His tactic shifted the commission into a fact finding mission rather than an inquisition. Only because of the efforts of one of the greatest politicians of the 20th century have Gomery and his Inquisitors been forced to look for who is at fault rather than condemning the entire party.

The man who ran one of the worst campaigns in Canadian history and is one of the weakest Prime Ministers in Canadian history has pulled yet another one. And apparently he's going to get 90% approval at the Liberal policy convention. What in god's name is wrong with this picture?


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