Thursday, March 03, 2005

Thank You Quebec

After spending much of the 90s villainized by the rest of Canada, Quebec has stood up and saved this nation several times in the last few years. After a decade spent figuring out how to leave the country, La Belle Provence is now exporting their ideals to the rest of the country - and we owe them all our thanks.

It's largely because of Quebec that Paul Martin opted out of missile defense. The plan was woefully unpopular in province and could had cost the Liberals a dozen or more seats. They also went to the mattresses for gay marriage, with support for legalizing same sex marriage more popular in Quebec than anywhere else in the country. Just last week, Quebec's ideology was exported again in the form of the national daycare program. Time after time they have saved us from right wing policy and today they stepped up to the plate again.

Speaking in Brussels, Premier Jean Charest urged NAFTA reform, specifically citing the EU model as something to which we should aspire. While at first glance it might look like a capitulation to American dominance, could we really believe that from Quebec? In truth, it's a none to subtle jab at illegal and immoral American trade policies.

“Now with NAFTA we’ve gone through a whole series of panels, but every time we get a panel decision which is invariably in favour of Canada, the United States goes on to another panel decision and that ends up, I think, questioning whether NAFTA is working or not,” Charest told reporters."
Charest, obviously, has a point. The WTO has already declared the American Byrd Amendment illegal and given authority to dozens of nations to impose tariffs on American goods.

Canada and the US have established the world's largest trading partnership, but in recent years the Americans seem more interested in taking advantage of their allies than work cooperatively with them. Thus far, Canada has, by and large, bent over for our erstwhile allies - until today. While Mr. Dithers has begged for Bush's forgiveness, Jean Charest and Lloyd Axworthy have stepped up to the plate and defended the honour of our nation. Now it's time for the rest of this country to follow their lead.


Anonymous Nylon said...

Damn straight. I'm really tired of the anti-Quebec sentiment amongst Canada's right wing.

Why isn't Charest's name floated when we talk about possible successors to Dithers?

9:11 p.m.  
Blogger Caurus said...

Charest used to be a Conservative, that's what boggles the mind here. How did a Conservative from ten years ago become the most left-wing Liberal in a prominent position?

9:52 p.m.  

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